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Remarks by Ambassador Abhishek Singh, Ambassador of India to Venezuela on the occasion of the reception for Republic Day of India held on 31 January 2022

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Remarks by Ambassador Abhishek Singh, Ambassador of India to Venezuela on the occasion of the reception for Republic Day of India held on 31 January 2022.


His Excellency Felix Plasencia, Hon’ble Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon’ble Ministers and Vice Ministers

Deputies of the National Assembly


Members of Indian diaspora

Friends of India

Ladies and Gentlemen


        It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to the reception of our 73rd Republic Day celebrations. This year also is the historic year of 75thanniversary of India’s independence.  I thank you all for your presence despite the restrictions imposed by pandemic.

        While this is truly the time to celebrate the achievements of our republic, it is also the time to reflect, contemplate, innovate and in some ways start preparations for celebrations of 100 years of India’s independence in 2047 which is 25 years from now.


        You are aware that India and Venezuela celebrated 62 years of diplomatic relations last year.  These years have been that of trust, friendship and cooperation.  For India and Venezuela, we always say ‘India Y Venezuela Siempre Amigos’.

        The years of COVID-19 pandemic have been years of enormous challenges for all of us.  But they have been years of cooperation – standing with each other and standing for each other.  Immediately after my arrival in Venezuela in August 2020, I had privilege to hand over 4 tonnes of COVID related medicines to Government of Venezuela.

        Further cooperation has happened with Emergency Use Authorisation of Indian vaccine COVAXIN granted by Venezuela.  This means that Indian vaccine COVAXIN can be used in Venezuela.  Further talks are ongoing for possible use of Bilateral Vaccine Certificate. India-Venezuela cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical products is remarkable.  Since April 2021, India has already exported pharmaceutical products worth US$75 million to Venezuela. 


        Last year, we were able to further strengthen our bonds of friendship with Venezuela from the mountains of Merida to the Salto Angelof Canaima to the delta of Amacuro,to the deserts of Falcon to the beaches of Cayo de Agua in Los Roques.



        Our diplomacy, our bonds of friendship spread to all of the 23 States of Venezuela many of which are represented today in this august gathering.  All these reflect what I have already said ‘India Y Venezuela Siempre Amigos.’


        During the celebrations of 75 years of India’s independence, the Embassy of India in Caracas launched five new initiatives in the previous year.  These initiatives are ‘Cultura de la India, Khana de la India, Yoga de la India, Bollywood Y Arepa and Namaste India’.  We also organised Iconic India Week in Venezuela in November last year.

        These initiatives have brought Indian culture closer to the people of Venezuela and in the process we have also experiencedthe unique culture of Venezuela which we deeply respect.




        Guided by the philosophy of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakum’ which means world is one family, India has supported more than 100 countries with COVID related medicines as well as with COVID vaccine under the scheme of Vaccine Maitri.  While supporting the efforts of other countries, India has already given more than 1.6 billion doses of COVID vaccines to its own population.


        Under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Indian economy is in a robust state.  I am happy to share that India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world.  Ease of doing business in India has increased manifold and the Government of India is putting special emphasis to encourage innovation and Start-ups.



        I would also like to mention about the great contribution made by the Indian diaspora around the world.  In Venezuela, we have a small Indian community but they have effectively contributed towards further strengthening our cooperative bonds with Venezuela.  While we are very happy about the various things that India has achieved, I would also take a moment to talk about some of the unique achievements of our Venezuelan brothers and sisters.


        Yulimar Rojas who made a world record breaking performance at the triple jump of the Tokyo Olympics is the pride of the world.  The El Sistema group which will be performing today found reference in Guinness of Book of World Record of having largest orchestra performance.  I must also appreciate the winning performance of the Group from the University students who are present here for their winning performance for the KPMG Innovation Award for which they worked towards creation of energy from photosynthesis.  All are great performers and symbolize the energy and success of Venezuelans.


        Finally, I would like to thank the august presence of the Hon’ble Ministers of Venezuelan Government, friends of India, Indian diaspora and diplomatic community.  I am sure that we are receiving through all of you the good wishes of the 32 million Venezuelans who are, of course, great friends of India.  I do hope that you have memorable evening today. This will be a harbinger of many more celebrations that we will be organizing in Venezuela this year.

        Long live India-Venezuela friendship.

I thank you all.