About Us ITEC

The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme was launched on 15th September, 1964 as a bilateral programme of assistance of the Government of India in which 158 countries are now partners. It is the flagship technical cooperation programme of the Indian Government, not only because of its wide geographical coverage but also because of the innovative partnerships for mutual benefit offered. It is demand-driven, response-oriented and focused on addressing the needs of developing countries.

Under ITEC-2019-20, the Embassy of India, Caracas invites applications from Venezuelan candidates for various courses/training programmes in India as per details uploaded on the ITEC website and Embassy of India, Caracas website. All new applications are now required to be filled in by the applicants themselves at the “Apply for ITEC/SCAAP course” link at the new website (https://www.itecgoi.in/meaportal/registerApplicant). They can choose their own login email ID and create their login password, which would be used by the system to keep them posted of the processing status. After a candidate has applied for a course, he/she must take a printout of the application and send it to the Indian Mission/Post through the nominating ministry/organizations. `ITEC Terms and Conditions' are attached for the ITEC nominees (Click here).

On the occasion of India's ITEC Day in Venezuela, please see a Film by Ministry of External Affairs and a Special Presentation on India's ITEC programme prepared by Embassy of India, Caracas



Who can apply?

    Employees and officials in Government, Private and Public Sector, Parastatals, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

     They should have 5 years minimum work experience.
     Applicants should be between 25 - 45 years.
     Applicants should be medically fit.

Eligibility criteria for admission to courses:

     Must have the required academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the selected Course.
     Must have working knowledge of English to follow the Course.


Government of India will bear the following expenses for the selected candidate:

     Excursion fare/ economy class return air ticket. 
    Visa on Gratis basis.
    Course Fee.
    Accommodation -  Hostel/Hotel. 
     Living Allowance @25,000/- per month. Candidates are, among other things, expected to meet the expenditure for their meals from this amount.
     Book Allowance @ Rs.5000/-
     Study tours during the course (including places of historical importance) and
     Medical facility for treatment of an emergency nature arising during the training programme.


     A candidate can apply for one course only.
    Those who have received ITEC or any other scholarship of Government of India are not eligible to apply.
    3. The applicant must take a printout of the application (after applying online) and submit the application along with photocopies of passport, NOC from the Employer and other relevant certificates to the Indian Embassy, Caracas through the nodal Ministry i.e. Ministry of Popular Power of Exterior Relations, Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Embassy of India, Caracas no later than 3 months before the commencement of the Course, or even directly in special deserving cases.
    Selection will be made on the basis of interview, candidate's academic record and relevant work experience. Selected candidates will be intimated individually, in due course of time.

General Information :

     Upon selection, the Embassy of India will inform the applicant.
     Selected candidates are required to fully familiarize themselves regarding living conditions in India the Institutes through the websites of the concerned Institute.
     Selection by the Embassy of India does not guarantee grant of scholarship and the decision for grant of scholarship rests solely with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
     ITEC Participants are not allowed to bring along their spouses or families for the duration of the Course.
     Participants are required to return to their countries upon completion of the training course.
     Participants who leave the Course midway without prior intimation/permission of the Ministry of External Affairs or remain absent from the Course without sufficient reasons are required to refund the cost of training and airfare to Government of India.
     ITEC sponsorship could be cancelled at any time due to unsatisfactory conduct, breach of conditions of the Programme, violation of rules of the institute / university / establishment, failure to make satisfactory progress in the training course or for other sufficient cause as determined by the Government of India.
     Female participants are advised to abstain from joining training courses if they are in family way prior to their departure for India.
     Participants must ensure that there is no family or official commitments during the training programme.  Request for leave during the course may not be acceded by the Government of India.

Enduring Connection with India

On their return to home countries, the trainees are invited to provide feedback to the Embassy, with a view to further improving the training programme. ITEC alumni are also encouraged to remain in touch with the nearest Indian Embassy or directly with their training institutes. "ITEC Day" organized annually by the Indian Embassies provide opportunities for ITEC alumni to share their experiences and strengthen their bonds, including with India - in her various facets. Most alumni return to their countries with fond memories of India and regard their training as useful. For many, ITEC provides them their first opportunity to visit India and experience for themselves her cultural diversity and Indian friendliness. ITEC is thus also a vehicle for fostering friendships and peace around the globe.