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Applicants for Miscellaneous passport services are required to fill out necessary form for Miscellaneous Services click for application form and submit their passports along with photocopies of their Residence Permit/Identity Card or any other proof of their lawful residence in the jurisdiction of the Embassy. Fee should be paid as per  Fee Miscellaneous Passport Services .

The following are the normal miscellaneous passport services along with the procedure for availing these services.

Guidelines for availing of Miscellaneous Services

  • The Embassy does not attest any document issued by authorities in India. If any document issued by authorities in India (such as birth and death certificates, affidavits, diplomas, marriage certificate and educational certificates issued by authorities in India) are required to be presented to authorities in abroad, these should be apostilled in India.

  • For all the above mentioned services, the applicant has to submit his original passport with its self-attested photocopy.

  • Documents not in English should be submitted along with certified/official translation of its contents.

  • For attestation of affidavit and power of attorney, if the applicant is unable to apply in Person the documents should be notarised/attested by the local government.

  • Fee should be paid as per the link : http://www.eoicaracas.gov.in/page/fee-schedule-of-consular-services/

  • If applying by mail/currier, please send (or deliver) a duly paid courier (Fedex/DHL) envelope along with consular service application to the address:

    Consular Section
    Embajada de La India, Caracas
    Quinta Tagore No. 12 Avenida San Carlos,
    La Floresta. Caracas 1060-A.


    1. Attestation of Documents

  • All documents emanating from India for production in other countries are required to be authenticated by Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi in the first instance and then the documents will be further authenticated by the Embassy of the country concerned before producing the same for attestation by this Embassy.

  • Documents executed in Venezuela and territories under jurisdiction of this Embassy should be countersigned by the respective foreign Ministries before attestation by this Embassy.

  • The application form should be accompanied by Passport, copy of stay permit/identity card

    2. Attestation of Power of Attorney (POA)

  • The applicant is required to affix one photograph at the end of the subject matter on the Power of Attorney(POA), specimen signature below the photograph and the passport details before submitting the application to the Embassy. This photograph along with the Power of Attorney document signed by the applicant must be notarized by a local Public Notary and thereafter authenticated by the Venezuelan Ministry of External Relations in case of Venezuelan citizens/residents or the Island Government in case of citizens/residents of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The stamp/seal of the notary must cover some portion of photograph pasted on the POA. The applicant has to submit one additional identical photograph, original passport with its photocopy with the application form. In case, there are more than one signatories on a POA, the above requirement is to be completed by each individual. If no space is available on the original POA, a separate sheet may be attached as an enclosure to the original POA and should be notarized. The additional photographs must have their names printed on the reverse of the respective photograph.

  • For this service, if the applicant is unable to apply in Person the Power Attorney should be notarised/attested by the local government.

    3. Issue of Birth Certificate

    • Please see information under Passport link

    • Please note: In case parents of a child want him to acquire Indian Citizenship, birth of the child should be registered with the Embassy within one year of the birth of the child.

      4. NRI Certificate

    • NRI (Non-Resident Indians) Certificate is issued to those who are staying abroad for more than 182 days.

    The requirements to issue NRI Certificate:

    • Original Passport (to examine the original passport having immigrations stamps particularly relating to the applicant’s exit/entry from India which confirm their stay in a foreign country).

    • Residence permit (English version is required if not English language)

    • A notarised affidavit/declaration that the applicant has stayed abroad for more than 182 days.

    • Fee US$ 25.00 + US 2.00 for ICWF. (http://www.eoicaracas.gov.in/page/fee-schedule-of-consular-services/ )

      5. No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Issue/Reissue of Passport to Child Born/Minor in India
    • If one or both of the parents are abroad and application for passport of minor child is to be submitted to RPO in India by one parent or authorized person, a consent letter/affidavit attested at the Embassy needs to be submitted along with the application.

    • For this service, if the applicant is unable to apply in Person the affidavit should be notarised/attested by the local government.

    6. Police Clearance Certificate/Character Certificate
    • Application should be submitted along with a valid passport.

    • Copy of residence permit/stay permit as proof of legal stay.

    • There should have been nothing adverse against the applicant during the period under reference.

    • The procedure for verification by the Embassy might take several weeks.

      7. Death of Indian nationals abroad

    • For sending mortal remains of the deceased to India for last rites, a copy of death certificate in original with one photocopy, letter from mortuary stating that the body has been embalmed properly and sealed in a casket, as per international norms should be sent. Passport of the deceased along with the above documents should be sent to the Embassy for cancellation. The certifications required from the Embassy might vary from country to country. But agencies handling mortal remains are aware of the norms for certifications to be done by the Embassy for transportation of mortal remains and their advice may be followed while requesting for certifications.

      8. Sending ashes to India

    The following documents should be sent :

    • A letter to the Embassy from the next of kin of the deceased stating date, place and cause of death.

    • A request to the Embassy from the next of kin of the deceased to issue letter for Customs authorities to facilitate clearance at the airport. In the letter, flight details with detailed itinirary, name of the person carrying the ashes and his relationship with the deceased should also be mentioned.

    • A clear copy of the passport of the deceased containing details like passport number, name, date of birth, place of issue, date of issue and expiry, father's and mother's names, sex, visa, etc.

    • Sealing certificate of IMANA/Local authorities stating that the container contains only ashes of the deceased and nothing else and that the sealing was done in their presence.

    • Death Certificate issued by the local authorities, duly signed and stamped.

    • Passport of the deceased should be sent to the Embassy for cancellation.

      9. Non Emigration Clearance Required (Non-ECR) Passports

    • All persons possessing educational qualification of matriculation and above are eligible for Non-ECR passports. Minor children, persons over the age of 50 years, income tax payers are also eligible for Non-ECR passports. A passport which does not contain ECR stamp is a non-ECR passport.