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Remarks by Ambassador of India to Venezuela Shri Abhishek Singh on the occasion of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Square Caricuao on 2 October 2021

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Remarks by Ambassador of India to Venezuela Shri Abhishek Singh on the occasion of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Square Caricuao on 2 October 2021.

Her Excellency Capaya Rodriguez, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

Representatives of Local Community Council

Members of the Indian community in Venezuela


Ladies and Gentlemen


        Today is a very special day as it is Mahatma Gandhi’s 152nd birth anniversary. It also happens to be the year when India is celebrating 75 years of independence which was made possible under the leadership of the visionary Mahatma Gandhi.

2.     I am truly privileged to be at the Gandhi Square Caricuaofor the second time in my tenure while we celebrate the birth anniversary of Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi.  It is also time for us to reflect on the great philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and also to put in more effort to spread the message of peace and non-violence far and wide.

3.     Last year and half, the world has witnessed unprecedented sufferings due to COVID pandemic.  Our lives have turned upside down and many were isolated in their homes for a long time. With the process of vaccination, we are taking steps in the direction of normalcy but we need to be cautious. 


4.     Gandhiji’s philosophy and his various experiments of leading simple and meaningful life is more relevant than ever before.  Things which were dear to Gandhiji’s life like cleanliness and sustaining one’s life with minimum basic material requirements are being realized by everyone during the COVID pandemic.  When the resources have been restricted and the mobility is limited one sees the true meaning of what Gandhiji said ‘there is enough for human need but not for human greed’.


5.     Despite COVID pandemic, in several parts of the world there has been unrest and violence.  If people are not able to achieve their objectives, they resort to violent means.  This is unacceptable.Gandhiji’s emphasis on peace and non-violence is even more relevant today.  Gandhiji had shown to the world that by following the path of non-violence even brute force can be convinced to concede.  Certainly, it is not an easy path but a path which will have durable results and will in the end promote togetherness for the humanity.

6.     In the 75th year of India’s independence, the Embassy of India in Caracas has been doing several events to promote Indian culture and achievements in various fields.  The next 2 years, the celebrations of India’s independence would continue in Venezuela and today’s event in Caricuao is very special as it happens duringan important milestone year of India.


7.     We have always believed in the philosophy of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbukam’ which means ‘world is one family’.  Gandhiji was one of the strongest proponent of this philosophy and through our various events in Caracas and beyond we are living this philosophy on adaily basis.


8.     Let us on this significant day resolve to understand the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and try to implement his important message of peace and non-violence.  We also owe it to the future generations to pass on the significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy so that we contribute in making this world a better place to live.


9.     In conclusion, I would like to thank the representatives of Local Community Council, Her Excellency Capaya Rodriguez, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and all the friends of India who have assembled here to celebrate the birth anniversary of one of the greatest humanist and visionary that the world ever seen - Mahatma Gandhi.

        Thank you all.