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Celebration of the 6th International Day of Yoga

Posted on: June 25, 2020 | Back | Print

Celebration of the 6th International Day of Yoga

To mark 6th International Day of Yoga (IDY), Embassy of India, Caracas organized live online sessions on the theme “Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family” from June 15 to 21 with a small event on June 21 in its premises following all the required measures in wake of COVID-19.

2.         From June 15 to 20, daily online yoga sessions were broadcast through the Mission´s social media handles as preliminary activities to the main event. Four sessions were structured for a particular audience, covering women, senior citizens, children and workers. The other two were held for Mental Health and Wellness. An average of 70 people participated daily in the activities organised as run-up to the IDY 2020.

3.         H.E Mr. Felix Plasencia, Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade and H.E Mr. Rubén Darío Molina, Vice Minister for Asia, Middle East and Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined the celebrations on June 21, 2020 at the Embassy´s premises. They practised the Common Yoga Protocol along with the other attendees on-site. H.E. Mr. Plasencia remarked that celebration of the International Day of Yoga in Venezuela is an example of brotherhood between the two countries and highlighted how Yoga is not only part of Indian Culture but of Venezuela as well.

4.         Cd'A thanked H.E the Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade, H.E. the Vice Minister for Asia, Middle East and Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Government of Venezuela authorities for their presence. He also commended the participants joining the celebrations from their homes for their enthusiasm. He urged them to spread Yoga and Ayurveda amongst their near and dear ones while continuing to practise themselves from home till the COVID-19 situation improves. He also mentioned about the enhanced significance of Yoga and Ayurveda in these challenging times of the pandemic.

5.         The celebration included the screening of the message of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, a session on Common Yoga Protocol by TIC, launching of the video “Spirit of Yoga” and a brief recorded talk on Ayurveda by Dr. Maribel Méndez, member of the AYUSH Information Cell, Maracay. The event was live streamed on Facebook and Instagram platforms and was joined by around 250 Yoga lovers. Light refreshments were served at the end of the programme.



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