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The Government of the Republic of India and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (hereinafter referred as the Parties):

Recognizing the friendly ties existing between both countries;

Desirous to further strengthen and consolidate their traditionally friendly relations;

Desirous to facilitate travel between both countries

Have agreed as follows: 

Article 1

The holders of valid Diplomatic, Official and/or Service Passports of one Party shall be able to enter, transit and remain in the territory of the other Party, without the need for a visa for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days. After the expiry of the period of ninety (90) days of stay, an appropriate visa shall be required in order to remain on the territory of the other Party. 

Article 2

• The holders of Diplomatic or Official / Service Passports of one Party, designated to serve in the diplomatic mission, consular office or international organization located in the territory of the other party, shall be able, without the need for visa, to enter, transit and remain in the territory of the other Party up to ninety (90) days from the date of their arrival. Such personnel would be granted residence visas, on request from the diplomatic mission concerned, within ninety (90) days of their arrival.

• The facilities granted in paragraph 1 of this article are extended, for the duration of the official assignment, to the members of the respective families (spouse, children and parents) provided they are holders of one of the categories of passports mentioned under this Agreement.

• Each Party shall inform the other of the arrival of diplomatic, official or service passport holders assigned to serve in the diplomatic mission, consular office or international organization located in the territory of any of the Parties and of the family members accompanying him/her, immediately on their arrival. 

Article 3

1. This Agreement does not exempt the holder of the said passport from the obligation of respecting all regulations under existing laws of the host country

2. Each Party reserves the right to refuse entry into, or shorten the stay of any citizen of the other party, whom it may consider undesirable. 

Article 4

If a national of one Party loses his/her passport in the territory of the other Party, he/she shall inform the concerned authorities of the host country for appropriate action. The concerned diplomatic mission or consulate shall issue a new passport or travel document to this citizen and shall inform the competent authorities of the host government. 

Article 5

For reasons of national security or public health, any of the Parties shall be able to suspend partially or fully the present Agreement. The Party suspending the Agreement shall immediately notify in writing the other Party of the said decision through diplomatic channels. 

Article 6

The Parties shall send through diplomatic channels their respective diplomatic, official and service passports to be used by each Party, within thirty (30) days of the coming into force of the Agreement, as well as the information regarding the use of new passports before these are brought into service. 

Article 7

The doubts and controversies arising out of the interpretation and/or application of this Agreement shall be resolved between the Parties trough the diplomatic channels. 

Article 8

This Agreement shall come into force on a date of the last communication, through which the Parties inform each other, through diplomatic channels, compliance of the constitutional and legal internal requirements necessary for its approval. This Agreement shall remain in force for an indefinite period and may be terminated by either Party by notification through diplomatic channels which shall enter into force sixty (60) days after the receipt of notification from the other Party. 

Article 9

The present Agreement may be modified or amended by mutual consent of the two Parties. The modification or amendment shall come into force according to the provisions of Article 8 of the present Agreement.

Signed in Caracas on this day 18th of November of 2005, in two originals each, in Hindi, Spanish and English, all the texts being equally authentic. In case of doubt, the English text shall prevail.

For the Government of the
Republic of India

For the Government of the 
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela