About Us Additional information for travelers on regulations in India

Traveling to India 

When you visit(or go back to) India , you will be given India Disembarkation/Customs Form in the plane. Please complete that form and keep it ready. As soon as you get off from the plane, you will have to stand in line for immigration clearance. You should give the disembarkation/customs form to the officer. He/She will stamp it, tear-off disembarkation card and give you your passport and stamped customs form back. Officer will check that you have required passport, visa etc. and will stamp your passport as a proof that you legally entered India on a given date. Make sure that your passport is stamped and it has correct date, before you leave immigration counter. 
Once you clear immigration formalities, you will proceed to get the luggage trolley and get your luggage from the conveyer belt. 

Before you go out of the airport, you will see 2 channels to exit. 

There are two channels for customs clearance :- 

Green Channel for passengers not having any dutiable goods. 

Red Channel for passengers having dutiable goods. 

Passengers walking through the Green Channel with dutiable / prohibited goods are liable to prosecution/penalty and confiscation of goods. 

In either channel, give the stamped customs form to the customs officer. 

Detained/Mishandled Baggage 

Detained Baggage 

A passenger may request the Customs to detain his baggage either for re-export at the time of his departure from India or for clearance subsequently on payment of duty. 

The detained baggage would be examined and full details will be inventoried. 

Such baggage is kept in the custody of the customs. 

Mishandled Baggage 

In case the baggage has been lost or mishandled by the Airlines, the passenger is required to obtain a certificate to that effect from the airlines and get it countersigned by Customs indicating specifically the unutilized portion of the free allowance. This would enable the passenger to avail the unutilized portion of the duty free allowance when his baggage is delivered by the airlines.