About Us Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/Damaged Passports

Lost Passport

Please submit your application form with the following documents:

  • Original Police Report along with English translation of the same duly notarized. Police report should contain all the details of the lost passport (No., date and place of issue), name of the applicant, etc.

  • Duly filled in application form along with photographs affixed in the given boxes. The form should be signed in original in ink. Photocopies of signatures cannot be accepted and the request for passports will be rejected.Please click here for filing passport application form online: http://www.passport.gov.in/nri/Online.do.
  • Four copies of Personal Verification with one photograph affixed in the given boxe on each form (For format of Personal Verification Form- click here) .

  • Two extra photographs in an envelope ( in all 7 photographs are required for each lost passport case, 5 to be pasted and 2 to be kept in an envelope). Photographs should be as per specifications given in Renewal/Reissue of Passports link.

  • An application in plain paper giving reasons for the loss of the passport.

  • In case of students, a letter from school/college certifying conduct of the applicant, should be submitted.

  • Affidavit (click here) .

  • Photocopy of the previous (lost) passport with first, last, and address pages.

  • Copy of Visa page and Residence Permit.

  • A letter from the employer certifying conduct of the official.

  • Photocopy of driver licence/Identity cards/work permit/stay permit (as applicable).

  • In case of documents not in English language, unofficial English translation should be attached.

  • All the documents should be submitted in five copies. In other words, all the five sets should be complete in all respects


Damaged Passport

Please submit your application form with the following documents:
  • Duly filled in Passport Application form
  • Damaged Passport
  • Copy of Damaged Passport
  • All other documents required for reissue of passport
  • The applicant should clearly mention in their applications, reasons for the damage. In case the Consular Officer is satisfied that damage has not been due to the negligence of the applicant, the normal fee might be charged in that case. However, in all other cases, Damaged Passport Fee given in Fee Schedule under Consular link will be chargeable.
Misrepresentation of facts may entail denial of passport facilities. Incomplete applications are liable to be returned at the senders cost and risk. A duplicate passport may not be issued for the second loss/damage of passport and habitual losers of passport will be subject to enquiry.

 It normally takes around three months in completing the process and duplicate passports can be issued only on receipt of clearances from the concerned authorities in India. Applicants are, therefore, requested to refrain from making written/e mail/telephone enquiries during this period.