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Commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 70 years of Indian Constitution at Unidad Educativa Nacional Militar Cap. Pedro Maria Ochoa Morales

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Commemoration of 150thBirth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiand 70 years of Indian Constitution atUnidad Educativa Nacional Militar
“Cap. Pedro María Ochoa Morales” 


On 11 March 2020, Embassy commemorated the 150thBirth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 70 years of the Indian Constitution with a group of 85 students from Grades 10 and 11, besides authorities and teachers of the Unidad Educativa Nacional Militar “Cap. Pedro María Ochoa Morales”, in Los Teques.

2.         The Director of the school, Colonel Miguel Angel Leal Acosta thanked the Embassy of India for bringing the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi to the knowledge of the students of the school. Cd’A congratulated the students for reading about Mahatma Gandhi before attending the session. He thanked the Director of the school for organizing this special event in their premises. He narrated some episodes from Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiring life to the students and encouraged them to follow his principles in future. He further responded to the questions posed by some students on Mahatma Gandhi. He also informed them about the Indian Constitution. Thereafter, Professor Gabriel Oropeza read some of Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts and motivated students to studymore on his exemplary personality.

3          Videos on “Does Gandhi Matter?”, “Bapu @150” and the “Vaishnav Jan To fusion” were projected for students. The booklet on the Social Thought of Mahatma Gandhi were given to the students. The book “The Story of My Experiments With Truth” was gifted to the school. A short video on Spirit of Freedom was also played.

4.         The participants enjoyed light Indian snacks served for them in the end.



11 March 2020