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Remarks by Ambassador of India to Venezuela Shri Abhishek Singh on the occasion of inauguration ceremony of 'Centro Gandhi' in Caracas

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Remarks by Ambassador of India to Venezuela Shri Abhishek Singh on the occasion of inauguration ceremony of ‘Centro Gandhi’ in Caracas

Mrs. Veronica de Guruceaga, President of Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela

Mrs. Natalia Castanon, Rector Incharge, Universidad Metropolitana


Ladies and Gentlemen


        Let me at the outset thank Veronica de Guruceaga, President of Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela for inviting me as the Guest of Honour for opening ceremony of ‘Centro Gandhi’.  This is truly a special day. We are today inaugurating the Centro Gandhi dedicated to the spread of Gandhian philosophy in Venezuela on the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

2.     The last several months have been very difficult for the world due to COVID pandemic and we have had restricted mobility due to COVID pandemic. The world has realized all the more the philosophy of Gandhiji during the pandemic.  We have lived with limited resources in pandemic butevery one also has realized that we can do with putting restriction on the material needs that we have on day to day basis.

3.     I want to compliment Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela for its efforts in promoting Gandhian philosophy and values in Venezuela.  We have several things lined up for the next few months when we will collaborate with Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela to spread the main elements of Gandhian philosophy on this important occasion of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.


4.     After staying in Venezuela for more than a year I have realized that like in other parts of the world, Father of my Nation Mahatma Gandhi is a hugely respected and admired personality in Venezuela.  Everywhere that I visited in Venezuela, people have shown tremendous love and respect for the great humanist that Mahatma Gandhi was.  With starting of the ‘Centro Gandhi’, we will have an institutional place where several things related to Gandhiji and his philosophy would be discussed on a regular basis.  I am particularly happy for the inauguration also of the library of Centro Gandhi for which the Embassy of India, Caracas is contributing books about India, Indian culture and also Gandhian philosophy.  I am sure as we get back to normalcy, the library of Centro Gandhi will be more frequented by people who want to know more about Gandhiji and India.  Embassy of India, Caracas would do its best to help in further strengthening the understanding of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy and its relevance in the world today.


5.     Everything has been difficult in the COVID pandemic.Even for the inauguration of the ‘Centro Gandhi’, Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela has been planning for several months but finally all the efforts of the dynamic President of Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela Veronica de Guruceaga and her team has fructified today on the special day of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.  This is the second time that I have been privileged to be associated with an important occasion related to Mahatma Gandhi organised by the Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela.  Exactly one year ago, I was privileged to unveil the first statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Venezuala along with President of Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela and today I have been bestowed the honour to inaugurate ‘Centro Gandhi’.  These are some very important events as we are building institutions which will continue to promote the Gandhian philosophy of peace and non-violence, sustainable development and most importantly the need to care for each other, the need to care for humanity.

6.     In conclusion, I would like to thank once again the organisers of today’s event and all participants who have been able to join us for the inauguration of the ‘Centro Gandhi’.

7.     I would like to wish ‘Centro Gandhi’ and Mahatma Gandhi Venezuela the very best in their endeavours and sincerely hope that the‘Centro Gandhi’ would become stronger and bigger in months and years to come.

        Thank you.