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Know India Programme (KIP)

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Know India Programme (KIP)

Know India Programme (KIP) is a flagship programme of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India for engagement with Indian origin youth (between 18-30 years) to enhance their awareness about India, its cultural heritage, art and to familiarize them with various aspects of contemporary India. This programme is open to youth of Indian origin (excluding Non-Resident Indians) from all over the world.

            Ministry of External Affairs is organizing the following Know India Programmes (KIPs) from August 2019 to January 2020:        

S. No.

No. of KIP

Partner State

Duration of the whole KIP in India

Schedule for visiting Partner State.

Last date of online submission of applications on KIP Portal.


54th KIP

Punjab and Haryana

1st August to 25th August,2019

6th to 10th August, 2019 Punjab and 10th to 15th August,2019 Haryana

30th June, 2019


55th KIP


3rd September to 27th September, 2019

7th September, 2019 to 16thSeptember 2019

15th July, 2019


56th KIP


1st October  to 25th October, 2019

5th October, 2019 to 14thOctober 2019

15th August ,2019


57th KIP

Himachal Pradesh .

5st November  to 29th November , 2019

10th November to 19thNovember, 2019

15th September , 2019.


58th KIP


1st December  to 25th December , 2019.

6th December to
15th December, 2019

15th October ,2019.


59th KIP

Andhra Pradesh

1st January to 25th January 2020

7th January to 16th January, 2020

15th November 2019

            The Government of India will bear complete expenditure on boarding/lodging/gratis visa and 90% of the economy class air-ticket of the participants.
            Eligible candidates may apply online at https://kip.gov.in/home/register.  For more details, please visit https://kip.gov.in.     

July 24, 2019