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Celebration of 4th International Day of Yoga

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Celebration of 4th International Day of Yoga

Embassy of India celebrated 4th International Day of Yoga (IDY) at three venues. The first event was held in front of iconic Structure in Caracas, Venezuela, Caracas sphere by the Venezuela artist, Jesus Soto, in collaboration with Government of Miranda on 21 June 2018. Around 100 people performed Yoga that could be viewed by all those driving on the adjacent highway.

2.   The second programme was at Plaza Bolívar de El Hatillo, a satellite town of Caracas, which was held in collaboration with the municipality of El Hatillo, also on 21 June 2018. Mayor of El Hatillo graced the occasion along with approximately 60 Yoga lovers from the municipality.

3.   The major event was held on June 23, 2018 at PDVSA Parque La Estancia in the heart of Caracas and was co-sponsored by ONGC Videsh Ltd and PDVSA La Estancia. The chief guest, Mr. Felix Plasencia, Vice Minister for Asia, Middle East and Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs stayed for the entire duration of the programme. Mr. Plasencia remarked that celebration of International Day of Yoga is an example of brotherhood between the two countries that are very far but close by hearts through Yoga.

4.   Cd'A thanked the participants for their enthusiasm in attending the celebrations and urged them to take a resolution on 4th IDY that they would not only continue with their Yoga practice but would also endeavour to include more people every day in the family of Yoga practitioners around the world.

5.   Apart from the Common Yoga Protocol session and a workshop on Sanskrit, Vedas & Yoga, an Odissi dance performance was organized for the entertainment of the attendees. Winners of Yogasana Challenge - a competition held by the Embassy through its facebook page - were also given the awards.

6.   The event that was joined by the Indian community and members of the Government sector in Venezuela, witnessed a footfall of around 1500. The celebrations were widely appreciated by the participants and were covered by the local media channels.



4th IDY Celebrations in Bolivar Square, El Hatillo, Venezuela

4th IDY Celebrations in El Hatillo by Embassy of India, Caracas

Adress by Cd'A of Embassy of India, Caracas Vishwa Nath Goel

Adress by Viceminister for Asia, Middle East and Oceanea, H.E. Felix Plasencia

IDY at PDVSA La Estancia, Caracas Venezuela

IDY Celebrations at iconic Caracas Sphere Structure

Odissi Dance Performance on IDY Celebrations

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