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Invitation of Competitive bids for providing local security guards for Government owned residences at Quinta Ashoka, Caracas, Venezuela

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Embassy of India

No. CAR/ADM/815/02/2016                                                                                                                19March 2018


Name of work: Invitation of competitive bids for providing local security guards for Government owned residencesat Quinta Ashoka.

Embassy of India in Caracas invites competitive bids from reputed security companies in Caracas for providing round the clock services of a security guard for Ambassador residencelocated at Government owned residences at Quinta Ashoka, Caracas.

2.         The interested firms are requested to submit their competitive bids in a sealed envelope giving the details of number of security guards to be deployed for round the clock security, hours per shift, number of shifts, cost per shift/cost per month and experience of the company in this field. The following benchmarks are to be mandatorily adhered to by the bidding firms:

Age: The guards should not be more than 50 years of age.

Physical and mental fitness: The guards should be physically and mentally fit. They should not suffer from any apparent disability including obesity/overweight.

Character and antecedents: The guards should have been vetted by government security agencies. The company would furnish background details of the guards and proof of their vetting.

Uniform: The guards should perform duty in uniform and their appearance should be neat and clean.

Training: The guards should possess training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks of person, baggage and vehicles including the use of basic security tools such as HHMD (Hand Held Metal Detector), DFMD (Door Frame Metal Detector), monitoring CCTV, baggage and letter scanners etc.

Supervision: The company should undertake real time checks of the functioning of the guards and ensure that the quality of the guards and service is always above the benchmark.

Knowledge of language: Besides Spanish, the guards should have rudimentary knowledge of English, if possible, for ease of communication.

Registration: The company should furnish proof of compliance of local laws and statutory regulations.

Other clients: The company should furnish information about its other clients including period and type of service rendered.

Service conditions of the guards: The company should provide details of salary, gratuity, allowance, leave etc in respect of the guards.

Option to choose and retain: The company should provide a choice of guards three times our requirement to interview and choose from. The Embassy should have the right to have the option of retaining a particular guard.

Rotation of guards: The company should have sufficient guards on its roll so that the guards are rotated periodically say after every four months.

3.         Interested parties may visit the site for assessment of the job and to formulate their quotation by taking prior appointment with the Embassy of India, Caracas(Tel. No.(58)212 285 7887. The pre-bid site visits can be arranged on 21March 2018 at 11:00 hrs. For any clarification on any aspect of this notice, Mr. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury, Head of Chancery, may be contacted anytime during working hours at Tel. No. (58)212 285 7887.

4.         Schedule for submission/opening of bids:

Last Date, Time & Place for submission of Competitive bids

10April 2018 at 1300 hrs, Mr. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury, Head of Chancery, Quinta Tagore, No.12, Avenida San Carlos, La Floresta, Caracas

Date, Time & Place of bid’s Opening

11April 2018 at 1400 hrs, Quinta Tagore, No.12, Avenida San Carlos, La Floresta, Caracas

(Kaushik Roy Chowdhury)
Head of Chancery
Embassy of India, Caracas
Phone: (+58) 212 285 7887
Fax: (58-212) 286 5131


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